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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Star Wars: Destiny

Well, we know Fantasy Flight won't be making Games Workshop-themed games anymore. But that doesn't mean they're not making Star Wars games anymore. Those are still going full-steam ahead. Their newest, Star Wars: Destiny, is a dice-driven combat game. Today, we get a look at how the game works.


The main mechanic we get a look at today are the dice. Considering their the main movers and shakers in the game (no pun intended... well... maybe a little intended), there's quite a lot to go over. You start in play with the characters you are going to be using that game. The dice associated with them are placed on their card. On your turn, one of the things you can do is Activate a card. You do that by rotating it 90-degrees and rolling the die/dice associated with it, plus any upgrades attached to it. The numbers and symbols on the dice will indicate what sort of things you can then use those dice for. That could be melee or ranged damage, shielding against attacks, gaining Resources, making your opponent discard Resources or cards from their hand, allow you to change one of your other dice to any face you want, or some other special ability based on the card it came from. With the simple act of a die roll, there's many different possibilities of what can happen in the game, depending on what you roll and when that die is further utilized.