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Fantasy Flight Games previews Squadrons in Armada

Fantasy Flight Games shows off how squadrons work in Star Wars: Armada in this new preview article. In Star Wars, it's almost always shown that fighters are what really wins battles, and in Armada, while it's not required that you take stands of fighters, an admiral worth his space legs would do well to bring some along and plan at least part of their strategy around using them. Fighters are much more maneuverable than the city-sized space ships they're flying around. They also get their own phase in the game round to move and attack.

The best way to stop fighters is with more fighters. As when two fighter squadrons are at Range 1, they are Engaged and thus must attack one-another, rather than allowing them to attack capitol ships in the area. So fighter screens acting as a harassing force are pretty crucial.

I get more excited for this game to come out with every new preview. I really can't wait for it to be in my hands and on my gaming table.


From the preview:

There’s no denying the raw power of the Star Wars galaxy’s capital ships. Many of them are massive war machines that can exceed a kilometer in length, their crews can number in the thousands, and the largest of them boast enough firepower to cower entire star systems. Still, the Star Wars movies remind us that there’s always room – even a need – for personal heroics. There’s always the chance that a single starfighter pilot can turn the tide of battle.

Accordingly, even though they’re dwarfed by the capital ships they accompany, starfighters and their pilots play a critical part in the tactical fleet battles of Star Wars™: Armada.

In our earlier previews, we focused primarily on the game’s capital ships. We looked at how their command values and command stacks force you to plan ahead, we looked at how capital ships battle, and we looked at how they fly along the table. Today, though, we turn our attention to the game’s starfighters, looking at the how they function within the game and looking, also, at how even a single starfighter squadron can turn the tide of battle.