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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Special Forces TIE For X-Wing

I thought a Special Forces TIE was something a Navy Seal wore to a formal occasion. But it's also a new type of TIE Fighter for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. It's got an improved sensor array and also a turret for its gun. I'm still not sure how it doesn't blow its own solar panels off, but maybe this preview will shed some light on the subject.


The Special Forces TIE is certainly a maneuverable little thing. Able to make every turn possible at 1 and 2 speeds, it can also loop around on a 3. Add in it's special Title card, Special Ops Training, you can attack with both your front and rear arcs in the same turn. Considering the upgrade is free, I don't see why you wouldn't want to add that in, especially if you are using some elite pilots, like Quickdraw, who is Pilot Ability 9, so you know your shots will be lined up just right and will go off before your opponents can attack you.