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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Some Sample Fleets for Armada

Fantasy Flight Games will have Armada starter sets to all of you excited gamers (and I certainly count myself as one of those in such a category) very soon. They've posted up a couple sample fleets that you can make with just the items from the starter set, as well as some fleets you can make with the expansion pieces coming out in a few weeks. They let you see how a finished fleet looks, and give you a bit of info on how they work on the table.

From the post:

Your wait is nearly over. The rules for Star Wars™: Armada are now available on the game’s support page, and the Core Set is scheduled to arrive at retailers next week!

The epic two-player miniatures game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe, Armada grants you the command of a full fleet of starships and fighter squadrons. Assemble your fleet, fly to battle, and blast your way to victory. In Armada, you deliver the commands; you are the one responsible for leading your fleet to victory and, ultimately, shaping the course of history.

In earlier previews, we’ve explored how these ships and squadrons battle and move. We’ve looked at the rules for fleet building, and we’ve explored many of the different ships, fighters, and upgrades available in the game’s Core Set and first wave of expansion packs. Today, we take a look at how all these elements can come together by exploring several sample fleets and the strategies they may employ.