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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Social Encounters in Genesys RPG

Sure, when many people think of playing in an RPG, they think of heading down into the dungeon and smacking around some goblins or kobolds, grabbing the loot, and heading back to town, but what about when you do make it back to town? Or when you've got to get papers from the local nobility to travel across his lands? Or so many other situations that can't be solved with, "I swing my sword at it"? Social encounters are just as important as the combat ones (and are honestly some of my favorite parts of games). In this preview from Genesys, Fantasy Flight's upcoming RPG, we get a look at how these social encounters work within the rules.

From the preview:

Social interaction forms the backbone of world-building in roleplaying games, but it can be diificult to navigate. Rather than simply rolling dice to swing a sword or scale a wall, social encounters force players to stop, think, and engage with the world the Game Master is creating. While this can be a challenging task for players and the Game Master alike, the Genesys approach to social interaction gives players the tools to make it easier, while maintaining a free-form system that fits perfectly in any world or setting.

This week, Genesys Designer Sam Stewart takes us through these social encounters in the Genesys Roleplaying Game.