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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Smuggler Ally Pack For Imperial Assault

So, how about that The Force Awakens, eh?
I... should probably go see it at some point.
Ah well, even if I haven't seen the movie, I can play the various games, including Imperial Assault. And for that game, Fantasy Flight is giving us a new preview. Strange to think that the Star Wars universe has turned smuggling into such a "noble profession" but here we are. Bring on the Smuggler Ally Pack.


Smugglers are rather versatile. Need someone who can attack at range and potentially have increased accuracy, armor piercing, or perhaps have a chance to Stun the enemy? Hire a smuggler! They're not all that expensive. Even Elite Smugglers come in at just 4 points. And as always, the set comes with all sorts of upgrades you can bring along as well, plus a new scenario.

You can go pre-order your Smugglers now from your LGS. I'm hoping they'll be able to just be delivered and won't need a smuggler, themselves, to get you one.