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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Shadow Caster For X-Wing

The next wave of X-Wing releases is nearly upon us. Though there's still some time for some previews. This wave has a bit of a focus on non-conventional tactics, particularly when it comes to the firing arcs of you and your opponent. The new TIE has an auxiliary firing arc. The Protectorate fighter is happy being right up in the enemy's grill. Now we've got the Shadow Caster with its "mobile" firing arc. It's not quite a turret. It's not quite your primary firing arc. It's an arc that you have to set. It gives you some challenges, and some opportunities.

But being able to shoot all around it isn't the only thing special that this expansion has. Even if you don't want to use the ship, itself, there's a couple upgrades you might be interested in. One's a cargo chute that lets you add a cargo marker to the table. This is a new obstruction that's great for putting in people's way if they're getting too close behind you. The other is a new set of seismic missiles that let you blow up obstacles. So there's new ways to alter the battlefield (battlevaccuum?) that you weren't able to before.