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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Scorpion Clan For Legend of the Five Rings

Mere days away, attendees here at Gen Con will be able to get their hands on the new version of Legend of the Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games. But there's still previews to be had. In this case, it's the Scorpion Clan.
Makes me want to watch Five Deadly Venoms.

From the preview:

The Scorpion best those who oppose them not through physical might, but through shame and sabotage.

This is exemplified by Way of the Scorpion (Core Set, 185), a card that doesn’t provide a bonus to you, but instead dishonors an opponent’s non-Scorpion character during a conflict, potentially lowering their skills and forcing your opponent to lose an honor when that character leaves the field.
Yogo Hiroue (Core Set, 106) already excels in winning political conflicts with four political skill, but as an action can also bring a character into a conflict he is participating in and dishonor them if you win the conflict. Not only does this force a character into a conflict they may not be optimal in, the additional dishonor ensures they are left in a poor state, and bowed at that.