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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Scenario From Beyond the Threshold

Early next year, Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with the first full expansion for Mansions of Madness, 2nd Edition. Beyond the Threshold brings you all new investigators to the horrific house that is Arkham. But along with just some new investigators, they'll also be coming out with new scenarios for you to go through. They've got a preview of one of them, Gates of Silverwood Manor, here.


Now, obviously, they don't want to give away too much. However, they will give you a bit of the set-up. This scenario is a level-4 difficulty one. It also is made to take full advantage of the new mechanics in the expansion. That is, it makes use of a map that will change from turn to turn, as well as having to find and use key tokens. You can expect to be playing this scenario for up to a couple of hours.