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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Sabine's TIE Fighter For X-Wing

Say "Imperial Starship" and most people are going to either picture the Imperial Star Destroyer or the TIE Fighter. Well, we don't have a stolen ISD for Armada yet, but soon we'll have a stolen TIE Fighter for X-Wing. It comes in the form of Sabine's TIE Fighter, and we get a look at it and the upgrades it comes with in this preview.

As usual, you get a whole bunch more than just a single ship figure and a stat card to go with it. You actually have a lot of options. The ship is also much more than just a TIE with a Rebel pilot inside. This set brings some new upgrades and cards not seen before. Such things like the EMP can cause all sorts of havoc on the board when it goes off. Then there's Suppression tokens, which is new. This can cause an enemy to have few attack dice unless they target a specific figure. Nasty.