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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Punishing One For X-Wing

It's time once more to fly the scummy skies. That is to say, it's time to take a look at another ship for the Scum & Villainy faction for the X-wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. This time around it's the Punishing One, flown by the bounty hunter Dengar. You know, he's the guy with all the wrappings on him during the bounty hunter/Darth Vader part of Empire Strikes Back.


Several of the ships in the Star Wars universe are asymmetrical. But rarely do we see this sort of asymmetry reflected in the games. Well, not so with the Punishing One. Looking at the maneuver dial, it can easily make left turns, having green status on those, while a white for right turns. It can even make flips going to the left without them being stressful.
And remember, "Four lefts is a circle!!!"