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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Omens Of Ice Expansion for Elder Sign

Though I may be in Atlanta, it certainly doesn't feel like the "sunny South" right now. Yes, I know it's much, much colder in my old stomping grounds in, say, Chicago, but it's not like it's beach weather here, either. Nobody's way down yonder on the Chattahoochee learning to swim right now (or at least, I seriously doubt they are). It feels much more like the great, white North, which is where Omens of Ice, the upcoming expansion for Elder Sign, takes you. Today, Fantasy Flight Games is giving us a look inside this icy expansion.

Arkham museum might be a threat to your sanity, depending on which books you read, but the Alaskan wilderness threatens your body as much as it threatens your mind. Generally speaking, there aren't hungry polar bears going up and down the stacks at Arkham, for example. No, this time around, you'll be heading to places like Anchorage in order to gather supplies before heading into the Yukon. Or you might head to Fairbanks to ask information from the local Inuit people. Fight off cabin fever and the ravages of frostbite and hunger by making sure you have plenty of supplies. It's rough out there, so you'll want to be well-prepared.

At least there's no penguins.

This new set brings a lot of twists and turns to your Elder Sign game and can be pre-ordered now from Fantasy Flight or at your local retailer.