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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Objectives In Runewars

In the past, a lot of miniatures games were simply, "beat the crap out of your opponent" in terms of victory conditions. Last figure standing, wins. We've been steadily moving away from that for a while now, with scenarios and objectives that your army is looking to score in order to be victorious on the battlefield. Well, Runewars from Fantasy Flight Games won't just be "beat up your enemy and hope for the best." There's going to be objectives you're looking to achieve as well. In this preview, we get a look at how they work.


From the preview:

A game of Runewars doesn’t begin when the first arrow is loosed, or when your units first charge into brutal combat. It begins as you start to deploy your units onto the battlefield. Of course, before you reach that point, you’ll build an army from your available figures, crafting a fighting force that you can lead to victory against any foe. We’ll take a much closer look at army building in the future, so for now, we’ll pick up with you and your opponent about to deploy your units onto the battlefield.

Runewars is played on a 6’ by 3’ battlefield, but that doesn’t mean you have free range to deploy your units wherever you choose. Before any units are placed, you’ll need to choose deployment zones for both players.

At the beginning of setup, three deployment cards and three objective cards are revealed at random. The first player (the player who spent less points while building his army) can choose a deployment card or an objective card that will be used for the game. Then, the other player can choose a card from the remaining set. In other words, if you are the first player, you have the potential to determine the deployment card or the objective card, but not both. One card will always be chosen by your opponent.