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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Obi-Wan For Imperial Assault

In the Hero's Journey, you'll usually have the old sage who will impart wisdom on the young upstart and then, usually, they'll get killed off. There's no better example of that type of character than Obi-Wan Kenobi. The old Jedi who first pushed Luke Skywalker along the path to becoming a Jedi Knight (just like Luke's father). Soon he'll be coming to your games of Imperial Assault. Hopefully, (if you're the Rebel player) he'll last longer than just halfway through the game.


This is the A New Hope version of Obi-Wan. So while he may not be at his "fighting peak," his abilities with the Force are certainly strong. He helps ally models near him whenever they do an attribute test. He can also push around enemy models, possibly taking them off an objective point or out of cover. And as always with these expansions, you get plenty more than just a mini and a stat card. There's extra Force powers, as well as scenarios, and other upgrades that are usable in every game of Imperial Assault.