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Fantasy Flight Games previews new units and terrain for Dust Tactics/Warfare

Fantasy Flight has three new units to preview and a set of terrain for you Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare players out there.

From the preview:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce three new units and one accessory pack for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare!

As Operation “Icarus” sets the stage for dramatic battles for the skies over Zverograd, the Axis forces that currently hold Zverograd’s airfield seek to gain an immediate and insurmountable edge from the deployment of their new jet, the Horten HO-347. SSU forces fuel their continued assaults by recovering VK from fallen walkers with their new series of KV-47 Recovery & Demolition Walkers, and the Allies call upon the USMC Heavy Weapons Teams to carry heavy machine guns and artillery into position for their strikes against the airfield and those Axis forces taking shelter in the Quonset Huts of the new Airfield Accessory Pack.