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Fantasy Flight Games Previews New Undead Expansions for Runewars

The armies of Runewars are currently pretty small. But everyone's gotta start somewhere. As time goes on, more and more expansions are being added, helping keep the excitement going. Fantasy Flight has announced several new expansions, some old, and some new, that will help expand your undead forces.

From the previews:

From the border of the Daqan Lords’ baronies, you can look out upon the ceaseless motion of the Mistlands. The movement of the mists can seem hypnotic—unpredictable, ephemeral, and eternal. But the guardsmen of the border would do well to stay vigilant. The vanguard of Waiqar’s undead legions has already crossed into Terrinoth, and reinforcements are on their way.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at two of the Unit Expansions arriving soon to Runewars Miniatures Game: the Reanimates Unit Expansion and the Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion!

As death sweeps across the land, the armies of Terrinoth search not only for allies to aid them, but ancient magic to gain the upper hand over their foes. While the Daqan dig through ancient ruins, the forces of Waiqar know where true power lies; in flesh, blood, bone, and death. Of all Waiqar’s servants, few exemplify this like Ankaur Maro, a fearsome necromancer whose ambition and lust for power knows no bounds. Those who oppose the undead legion are subject to the dark magic of the necromancer, and may even end up serving Waiqar themselves.

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