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Fantasy Flight Games Previews New Playable Species From No Disintegrations

Pretty much every new Star Wars soucebook that comes out, there's a new playable species that you can use for characters or npcs (depending on which side of the GM screen you're on). The upcoming book, No Disintegrations, is no different. You'll be able to play as a Devaronian, a Clawdite, or a Kalleran.

Devaronians are known to have a natural wanderlust, being one of the first species to really get out into the galaxy and check out what was going on, mapping much of now-known space. Unfortunately, due to their appearance and many species having religious/cultural tales warning against bipedal creatures with sharp teeth and horns, they sometimes find it tough to mix easily with others. Clawdites are natural shape-shifters, able to change their skin color, texture, and shape to match anyone they've seen before. Need to get lost in a crowd? Clawdite is a good choice. Meanwhile, the Kallerans have been beset by outside forces for thousands of years, as their planet is naturally rich in resources. These constant conflicts have broken the Kallerans up enough that they don't have a particular species-wide set of traits, instead focusing on the individual.