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Fantasy Flight Games previews new large-sized ships for X-Wing Miniatures Game

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that there will be new large-sized ships for the X-Wing miniatures game including the Rebel Transport and the Tantive IV.

From the preview:

These are exciting times for X-Wing™ fans!

The Rebel fleet was not comprised of fighters alone. Pilots like Luke Skywalker may have struck decisive blows in many of the Rebellion’s greatest victories, but they relied upon the support of the freighters, transports, frigates, and other capital ships that comprised the rest of the fleet. Soon, X-Wing fans will be able to better reflect this fleet diversity.

Even though the core of X-Wing remains firmly rooted in its fast-paced skirmishes between rival starfighters, attendees at Gen Con Indy 2013 received a sneak peek at prototype models for two of the game’s upcoming starships, the Tantive IV and Rebel transport. With rules for “Cinematic Play” campaigns and a new Epic tournament format, these iconic Rebel starships will soon add new dimensions to your X-Wing experience!