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Fantasy Flight Games Previews New Consular Specializations For Star Wars RPG

When it comes to RPGs, I don't normally make face-beaters. You know, the big fighter/barbarian that does a bajillion damage with each swing. I'm more likely to play the Bard or something like that. The kind of character that'll win a battle without making more than diplomacy checks. So, were I to finally find a good Star Wars RPG group to join up with, I have a feeling that Disciples of Harmony would be a good book for me to pick up. In this preview, we get a look at new Consular Specializations that'll be in it.

From the post:

It a testament to the times when the path of peace feels more dangerous than that walked by the warrior, but in a galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire, this is the unfortunate truth. It is in these times that we need those champions of harmony more than ever, and this very duty falls to that of the Consular, duty-bound to follow the will of the Force and bring harmony to war-torn planets. Disciples of Harmony is an all-new sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game that expands their role in the universe and opens up new races, equipment, specializations, and adventures.

A Consular's goal is to seek peace in all things, but there is no single path to balance. Disciples of Harmony introduces three new Consular specializations, adding to the the Sage, Healer, and Niman Disciple options presented in the Force and Destiny™ Core Rulebook. Today's preview offers you a glimpse of these three new paths: Arbiter, Ascetic, and Teacher.