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Fantasy Flight Games Previews New Bounty Hunter Specializations For Star Wars RPG

While you may not think that you need their kind of scum, Bounty Hunters are a rather iconic part of the Star Wars universe. Though they had relatively little screen time, people just went nuts over them, particularly the fan-favorite Boba Fett. Well, for those that want to become bounty hunters, themselves, in the Star Wars RPG, there's going to be new specializations for you in the upcoming No Disintegrations book.

From the preview:

Whether their skill comes from devoted study and careful practice or from simply a lifetime spent in a dangerous galaxy, Martial Artists, often armed with nothing more than their own body, blend physical power and mental focus to defend themselves and defeat their enemies. Brawn and Willpower are the primary attributes for the Martial Artist from which they draw inner and outer strength. Athletics, Brawl, Coordination, and Discipline are bonus career skills for the Bounty Hunter who chooses this path of the implacable warrior.

One of the most essential talents for the Martial Artist is Unarmed Parry, which allows the combatant to parry incoming melee attacks while not holding a weapon, as well as reducing the strain cost to do so. Also included in the specialization tree is Precision Strike—along with an Improved and Supreme version—which makes Critical Injuries the Martial Artist inflicts even more debilitating and deadly. Additionally, multiple talent choices reward ranks in the Coordination skill to supplement both offense and defense.

As mentioned in our last preview, Kallerans are a species that find themselves quite at home as a Martial Artist. Their above average Brawn score positions them well to deliver brutal attacks with their fists and feet, and their impressive natural strain threshold gives them more flexibility in activating the crucial offensive and defensive abilities found in the specialization tree.