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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Movement in Star Wars: Legion

The battlefields of the Star Wars universe are anything but static. Speeder bikes zoom all around. Walkers tromp through the underbrush. Foot soldiers look to take up defensive positions, or move up to capture said positions. But how will this dynamic battlefield translate to the world of Star Wars: Legion? Glad you asked, because that's just what Fantasy Flight is previewing for us today.

From the post:

From the Galactic Empire’s surface attack on Echo Base to a small team of Rebels maneuvering to catch the Imperial garrison on Scarif off-guard, the movement of troops is a key aspect of every land battle of the Galactic Civil War. Movement and placement are crucial at a grand strategy level, as armies are stationed on key planets or moved to cut off supply lines. But it’s equally important in every battle—and that’s one of the key tactical concerns of Star Wars™: Legion, the upcoming miniatures game of epic ground battles in the Star Wars universe.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the mechanics of maneuvering your squads of Rebels or Stormtroopers across the battlefield, or sending a few 74-Z speeder bikes zipping forward to strafe the enemy front!