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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Movement in Runewars

While some units have ranged attacks and could theoretically just be deployed and stay there the entire game, for most figures on the field, that's not really an option. You're going to have to get your figures from one side of the board to the other. But how does that work, exactly? That's what Fantasy Flight is to clear up today in their preview of Runewars.


From the post:

Movement is one of your most important concerns in any miniatures game. The game is played on a flat surface covered with terrain, rather than a board with spaces, meaning the precise positioning of your units can make the difference between victory and defeat. The most skilled commanders pay careful attention to how their units can move, and in Runewars, every unit has different options for movement.

The most common way to move your units is by revealing a command tool displaying the march action. Every march action features a small black number on the right side of the icon. This number is the speed of your maneuver, and it determines exactly which movement template you will use.