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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Mountain Giant for BattleLore

Fantasy Flight Games has a big preview they've posted up today. (see what I did there?)
He's not jolly. He's not green (unless you paint him that way). But he's nonetheless a giant, and he's coming to the battlefields of BattleLore. Of course, it's not just a new miniature to add to your forces, but new extras as well.

The Mountain Giant can be used in any force. So no matter what you play, you can bring some big-stompin' action along with you. He may not be fast, but he's certainly deadly, able to potentially take out an entire enemy unit with a single swing of his massive club. And for when the opponent won't come right to you, you can always throw a rock at them (it was a big rock...).

The three lore cards that come along with him not just help the giant, but potentially any unit you may want to use them on. They'll help you get around, add some extra dice for an attack, or remove a nasty building (and hurt whatever might be inside). Some good versatility to be found there.