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Fantasy Flight Games Previews More Variants Coming In The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

People love choice. It gives you the ability to tailor-make your experience to exactly what you want. With a game, it can also create replayability. Even for a game as open-ended as The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, having variants with which you can play the game will hopefully having you come back to it time and again in your gaming sessions. The latest version will be released tomorrow. In this final preview, we get a quick glimpse at other variants that are new to this edition.

We don't get much more than the names of these various new iterations, but they're enough to whet one's appetite. There's a version of the game for those that love the Cthulhu mythos. There's one for those that have "read too many novels." There's a version for fans of space opera. There's a version for those into supervillainy. All those and many more, giving you plenty of different options, including versions to play online or via e-mail.

And as before, I do recommend you go read the articles. They're very expertly crafted to put you in the "Munchausen mind-set."