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Fantasy Flight Games Previews More From Omens of the Deep

When out in the middle of the ocean, you might think that coming across an island would be a good thing. Heck, you might even be out there looking for clues to a mystery, clues that might be on that island. But you might not want to celebrate when the lookout shouts, "Land ho!" Instead, you should be cautious and wary. Will the expedition to the island reveal the information you're looking for? Will everyone make it back with their life and sanity intact? In Omens of the Deep, the new expansion for Elder Sign, that's not always a guaranteed thing.

From the preview:

After setting out on your adventure, your investigators have few clues beyond some scraps of whispered legend and the strange pull of the amulet. The Deep One Legion stirs in the inky brine, and your crew must take care as they gather equipment and seek out new clues regarding the whereabouts of the sunken city. In the first stage of the game, investigators must navigate the Dark Waters track by carefully managing the progress of the omen token, choose when to move to the next stage of the adventure, and solve the growing mysteries.