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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Mist Hunter Expansion for X-Wing Miniatures Game

Well, we've seen a new Rebel ship and a new Imperial ship for the next wave of X-Wing Miniatures Game releases. How about the Scum & Villainy faction? Well, they're certainly not left out in the cold vacuum of space. They're getting their own ships, one of which is the Mist Hunter.


This ship has been rather anticipated since it brings a new sort of weapon to the field: the tractor beam. This new attack works quite differently than any other, and is certain to bring a whole new bit of tactical depth to the game. You attack as usual and if you hit, don't do any damage, but you do get to... play around... a bit with your enemy ship. Using the Tractor Token allows the attacking player to cause the enemy ship to either do a barrel roll maneuver or a boost maneuver (even if the ship isn't usually allowed to do such a maneuver). This can place enemy ships outside of firing lines, or even into obstacles on the field.

The Tractor Beam, of course, is just one small part of what you get in the new expansion, but it has a chance to make a pretty big impact on the game.