Fantasy Flight Games Previews Missions From Doom: the Board Game

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Dec 7th, 2016

If you want to fight back the denizens of Hell and secure safety for not only Mars, but everyone in the entire universe, you’re gonna need a plan. Granted, a group of generals back at base writing down a list of objectives, and a small squad of marines going out and battling against demons in order to actually accomplish those objectives are two drastically different things. It’s those missions that we get a look at in this preview of the upcoming Doom board game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Each mission will have a specific list of requirements that must be met so the marines player can declare victory. Whether it be escort a drone somewhere, or close off the demon portals, or just blast all the demons you can find, if those aren’t met, it’s a failure. The demon player just has one objective: destroy the marines. Each time they kill one, they get a Frag token. Collect 6 of them, and they’ll win. Nice and straightforward, there.

Doom will be hitting store shelves next week.


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