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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Missions From Doom: the Board Game

If you want to fight back the denizens of Hell and secure safety for not only Mars, but everyone in the entire universe, you're gonna need a plan. Granted, a group of generals back at base writing down a list of objectives, and a small squad of marines going out and battling against demons in order to actually accomplish those objectives are two drastically different things. It's those missions that we get a look at in this preview of the upcoming Doom board game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Each mission will have a specific list of requirements that must be met so the marines player can declare victory. Whether it be escort a drone somewhere, or close off the demon portals, or just blast all the demons you can find, if those aren't met, it's a failure. The demon player just has one objective: destroy the marines. Each time they kill one, they get a Frag token. Collect 6 of them, and they'll win. Nice and straightforward, there.

Doom will be hitting store shelves next week.