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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Millennium Falcon From Heroes of the Resistance For X-Wing

The Heroes of the Resistance set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game gives us a pair of ships that've already seen time on the tabletops, but with a new look and new upgrades to make it an entirely new set of options for your games. Today's preview is arguably the most iconic ship from the series, and in The Force Awakens, gets itself a new pilot and crew. We're talking about the Millennium Falcon.

First, a bit about the new model. This isn't just a repaint of the old Falcon. It's also got more changes than just the square radar array. Though most of the chances are minor, it is worth noting that, with the release of the new movie, the designers at FFG were able to go in and do, basically, a stem-to-stern update of the ship to make sure it's as accurate as possible. Pretty cool.

From there, we get to all the different upgrades. There's new pilots cards in the form Rey, as well as new versions of Chewbacca and Han. Along with that, there's new crew. Rey is here again, as is Finn. There's even a new Title card for the Falcon. Teamed up with the previous version, there's thousands of ways you can equip this ship, depending on what you want it to do on the battlefield.