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Fantasy Flight Games Previews MC80 Expansion For Star Wars Armada

It's a trap!
Ok, now that that cliche is out of the way, we can get on with the rest of the preview for the MC80 set for Star Wars Armada. As always with Fantasy Flight expansions, they really do try and give you as much bang for your buck as possible. More than just a mini and a stat card for it, you get several different stat cards so you can play the ship as several different styles. Then there's the different Title cards you can put on them. Not to mention all the crew and other upgrades you get.

Of course, one of the new crew cards you will get is Admiral Ackbar. He's really good at adding extra dice to your attacks via your left and right hull zones. Then there's the Home One title card. That's really good at helping your attacks land better.
Obviously, the MC80 is there to help add to the "punch" of Rebel fleets by giving you a nice, big capitol ship to have out on the board. It's a good rival for the ISD that's coming out for Imperials and will offer a lot of new strategies for Rebel players.