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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Maegan Cyndewin For Runewars

Walking into battle is so passe. Why not, instead, head into a fracas on a giant demon-moose-thing? I'd probably go for that over walking. That's what Maegan Cyndewin can do for the Litari forces in Runewars. She brings some magical power to the elves, having sworn vengeance against the Uthu Y'llan that killed her mom (though had been partially summoned by her dad. Whoops.). Get a look at what she's capable of in this preview.

From the preview:

After watching the Uthuk Y’llan cut down her mortal mother, the half-elf Maegan Cyndewin swore vengeance on the forces of the Ynfernael. Alone in the world with nothing but her grief and loss, Maegan wandered the realms, desperate to learn to control her power and exact her revenge on the demon-tainted. After years of studying with teachers across the world, Maegan learned the dark truth of her lineage—how her father helped bring forth the very forces that murdered her mother—and she has sought redemption for the crimes of her bloodline ever since.

Now, despite those who still doubt her intentions, Maegan has risen to become a true hero and leader of the Latari. Armed with her martial skills and incomparable link to the arcane, Maegan Cyndewin leads the elves with kindness and strength. As you prepare your elven forces for battle, we offer you a closer look at the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion for the Latari army of Runewars Miniatures Game!