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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Luke Skywalker Ally Pack For Imperial Assault

When Luke Skywalker entered the domain of Jabba the Hutt on a rescue mission, it seemed that up to that point, everything had been going wrong. Han was still in carbonite. Leia had been captured, along with Chewie. The pair of droids were being used by the gang leader as his personal servants. But, in reality, it was all just different steps in the plan... perhaps a rather haphazard plan that relied on a lot of unlikely things to happen, but a plan nonetheless. And soon you'll be able to bring this Jedi to your tabletops in Imperial Assault.


This version of Luke shows him off at a later stage in his training than we've seen before. This means he's got better melee capability, as well as more health. So feel free to light up his lightsaber and head into the middle of the fracas. He'll also help keep your guys safe from ranged attacks, making your opponent think twice about any distance shots they want to take, since they'll have damage coming back at them for their effort. And being a Hero means he gets an extra, free action each round. Certainly worth it.