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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Lord Hawthorne For Runewars

Fantasy armies usually have a special, named hero or two in them, leading their troops into battle. The armies in Runewars are no different. Soon, the Daqan Lords will be able to add Lord Hawthorne (with or without his horse) to their forces. We get a look at what he's capable of in this preview.

From the preview:

Across the land of Terrinoth, few have more valor than the courageous Lord Hawthorne. Famed for driving away a horde of barbarians led by the evil Ankaur Maro from his village, Lord Hawthorne rides his mighty mount into battle, slashing down all those who would stand against the might of the Daqan Lords. With the finest soldiers of Daqan at his back, Lord Hawthorne leads the charge against those that threaten the free baronies of Terrinoth.

Today, we’re previewing the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, which introduces the Lord Hawthorne hero to the Daqan Lords.