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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Leia Organa Ally Pack for Imperial Assault

The Star Wars-related news from Fantasy Flight Games continues along. With each larger box release for Imperial Assault, they have several smaller releases that tie in with it. This piece falls into that category. Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview of the contents for the upcoming Leia Organa Ally Pack.


As always, you get a little mini in the pack. This time it's a figure (which can replace the cardboard token found in Return to Hoth) of Leia, of course, in her cold weather gear seen at the beginning of Empire. But more than just a figure, the pack also comes with new Command cards, a new upgrade for use in the skirmish game, a new Campaign side mission, and two new Skirmish missions. It really is like a big expansion but just in a small box and for a small price.