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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Latari Elves Command Expansion for Runewars

Fantasy Flight is heading back from the harsh demon-like Uthuk Y’llan to the deep and lush forests in this preview. The Latari Elves need themselves some command upgrades, and so that's what is on display here.

From the post:

The Latari Elves have long been renowned throughout Terrinoth for their swift, harmonious combat style on the battlefield, but for an age they have kept to their home of the Deepwood, hidden from the dangers of the outside world. Now as the forces of evil stir in the mists and the Ru Darklands, the Latari must leave the safety of the Deepwood and push back the rising tide of malevolence once more. The elves will look to their champions for leadership, their musicians for guidance, their banners for courage, and their storm sorceresses for the power of the skies themselves.