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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Kylo Ren Starter Set For Star Wars: Destiny

People seem pretty interested in Star Wars: Destiny. It's certainly an IP that people tend to get on board with. And Fantasy Flight Games is known for making a quality product. So I know several who are looking forward to that pre-release event. One of the packs they'll be able to get there is the Kylo Ren starter. We get a look inside of it in this new preview.

Yeah, we get a pretty good look at most of what's in the starter set. Kylo comes with a First Order Stormtrooper. Kylo's definitely the powerhouse of the duo, though. He certainly feels so, since one of his other cards will deal damage to a Red Character (which the Stormtrooper is) in order to remove enemy dice. Certainly a handy trick, and well within the Empire's (well, First Order, I guess) usual tactics.