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Fantasy Flight Games Previews K-Wing for X-Wing Miniatures Game

Welcome back to Top Gear: Star Wars, as we take a look at another of the ships coming out in the next wave for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. This time around, it's the K-Wing for the Rebel Alliance. A heavy, sturdy fighter, this ship is in the same vein as the Y-Wing and B-Wing that came before it as a heavy-ordinance delivery platform. Bombs, missiles, torpedoes, laser turrets. This baby can handle them all.

Though while the other couple ships mentioned might be a bit... slow from time to time, the K-Wing makes up for that with the SLAM (dut du-duh! dut du-duh!) action. At the expense of sacrificing being able to make attacks for a turn, the K-Wing can execute an extra maneuver at the same speed as the one they did during the movement phase. You need to get a ship into position fast? Not even an A-Wing can get up and go like the K-Wing potentially can. And no, you can't make any attacks, but if you get the Advanced SLAM upgrade, you can still perform an action, in which you can drop a bomb if you want. The K-Wing set even comes with two new types of bombs. They don't do a lot of damage, but they can leave your enemy's ships drifting aimlessly for a bit while your own squadron flies into position.