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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Jawa Scavenger For Imperial Assault

"Finder's keepers." It's basically the Jawa motto. Certainly, if they come across some droids out in the desert, they're going to claim them as their own. And soon, that "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine" attitude can make its way to your Imperial Assault games with the Jawa Scavenger.

From the post:

Almost no one knows what Jawas look like beneath their hooded brown robes—not even on Tatooine, where nearly everyone knows them by reputation. They are junk droid scavengers and merchants, and they traverse the desert planet in their massive, treaded sandcrawlers, hawking their wares to moisture farmers with few other options.

Not quite hostile, these Jawas aren't truly friendly, either. Because their droids are often hastily refurbished, they push to strike their bargains quickly. Then they roll away in their sandcrawlers before the droids have a chance to malfunction.

It's this combination of mystery, haggling, and droid-focused trickery that you'll find brought to life by the figure, missions, and cards in the Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack for Imperial Assault.