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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Investigators From Whitehall Mystery

It's 1888, and the torso of a woman is found at a construction sight. Later, it's matched to an arm that'd been found. Later on, a leg is found. Who could've done such a horrible thing? That's what the players will have to figure out in Whitehall Mystery, a new standalone game set in the Letters from Whitechapel series. In this preview, Fantasy Flight gives us a look at the investigators who are looking to solve this gruesome crime.

From the preview:

On October 2nd, 1888, the severed torso of a woman is found during the construction of the new Metropolitan Police headquarters near Whitehall. One week later, on October 9th, surgeon Thomas Bond releases a statement revealing that the torso matches an arm that had been discovered along the Thames in September. As the press questions the police as to whether this crime is once again the work of macabre murderer Jack the Ripper, sergeant Arthur Ferris organizes an investigative team to scour the Whitehall district for clues. Journalist Jasper T.C. Waring joins the search party and on October 18th, he and his dog lead the team to uncover a leg buried near the construction site. Despite the accumulation of clues, suspects, and tragedy, this strange crime would forever remain unsolved and go down in history as the Whitehall Mystery.

The Metropolitan Police reaches beyond its department to form a new team of experts in Whitehall Mystery, the new standalone game in the Letters from Whitechapel series. This fast-paced game draws directly from history by allowing players to portray both Jack the Ripper and the men who tracked him. But before you decide which side of the law you favor, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a preview of the investigators of the Whitehall Mystery.