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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Interdictor For Star Wars: Armada

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview of their upcoming Interdictor expansion pack for Star Wars Armada. Getting pulled out of hyperspace into a trap, or using the ship's huge gravity wells to keep Rebels from escaping makes the Interdictor an important part of the Imperial fleet. Even if it doesn't have that much offensive power, itself, it is what can cause the Rebels to lose a potentially important battle.

The big thing the Interdictor brings to the table is that there's a bunch of experimental tech cards that it can equip. You can do things like make the enemy reroll their dice during an attack, or determine part of your opponent's deployment for them, or even slow down enemy ships, causing them to grind to a halt, letting even your biggest and slowest ships move, relatively, like a cheetah.