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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Veterans For X-Wing

TIE fighters aren't known for their durability. Even those with a bit more armor and some shields aren't as rugged as an X-Wing or Y-Wing. So the chances of making it through enough battles to make it to "veteran" status are fairly low. However, those that do make it there usually have some of the best gear and have skills that rookie pilots will whisper tales about. So with that in mind, we take a look inside the Imperial Veterans pack coming for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

In the set you get a TIE Bomber (personally one of my favorite types of TIEs) and a new, red TIE Defender. There's also, as one would expect, a whole host of new upgrade cards. There's new pilots for ships. There's new weapon systems. There's new just about everything. This particular preview focuses more on the TIE Bomber and what new tricks you can do with it (they show off several squadron builds you can try out). A future preview will give us a look at the TIE Defender stuff.