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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Light Cruiser For Star Wars Armada

While most of us think of the formidable Imperial-class Star Destroyer when we think of the Imperial armada, there's plenty of smaller craft that would be used, particularly out on the Outer Rim, when sending a whole ISD would be overkill (even in Imperial standards). That's where the Imperial Light Cruiser comes in. Smaller and able to respond more quickly to threats, it still packs a good punch. And soon, you'll be able to add them to your Star Wars Armada fleets.

The Imperial Light Cruiser comes in at a pretty cheap 54 or 59 points, depending on which version you want to run. That gives you room to put on some upgrades, such as the Dual Turbolaser. It's best used when going after objectives or flanking enemy ships, putting its slightly-more-powerful broadsides to work on the usually-weaker enemy side armor and shielding. Nothing big and flashy, but a possible key part of your setup.