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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Forces in Star Wars: Legion Starter

Come to the Dark Side. We've got cookies!
All of us have heard the siren call of the Dark Side of the Force at some point or another. Whether we've actually crossed over or not, you have to admit that they've got some pretty cool armor and gear. And if you want to play the Dark Side in Star Wars: Legion, a good place to start is with the starter (makes sense). But what will you be getting in said starter? That's what we get a look at in this preview from Fantasy Flight.
Also, they announce that the game will officially be released on March 22nd. So be on the lookout for that.

From the post:

It has been nineteen years since the fall of the old Republic and the proclamation of the Empire. Within that time, freedom has been crushed and hope extinguished in countless star systems—with more falling under the Empire’s sway with every passing day. Yet this new order has also brought order, stability, and from a certain point of view, peace. In Star Wars™: Legion, the new miniatures game of epic conflicts on the planets of the Star Wars galaxy, you can choose to take up the mantle of the monolithic Galactic Empire, commanding the massive resources of an entire galaxy in order to smash the Rebels underneath your heel.

In our past preview articles, we’ve explored every aspect of the gameplay of Star Wars: Legion, including issuing your orders, moving your units, engaging in combat, and determining the battlefield conditions at the beginning of the game. Today, we turn our attention to the forces of the Galactic Empire that you may choose to command in your battles for the fate of the galaxy!

In addition, we're proud to announce a release date for Star Wars: Legion! The Star Wars: Legion Core Set and the eight expansions releasing alongside it are scheduled to release on March 22nd! You can pre-order the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, as well as the eight expansions releasing alongside it, at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.