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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial-Class Star Destroyer for Star Wars Armada

Ah, the ISD. It's the poster-child for the Imperials. When you think of the Empire's ships, you think of it and the TIE Fighter first (probably). Star Wars Armada originally came with Victory-Class Star Destroyers and... they're cool and all... but we all know that what we really wanted were Imperial-Class Star Destroyers. Well, Fantasy Flight is delivering. Let's take a look inside what the expansion set has in it.

As always with FFG expansion packs, there's more than just a mini inside. And even more than just the mini and the tokens/dials required to use it. You also get stat cards for the figure, plus extra equipment cards, extra add-on things like Title cards and so forth. The set also brings in the new "Contain" Defensive Token. It will cancel out standard Critical Effect of an attack (though if they have a special critical from an item or such, they can still use that).