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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Cards From Return To Hoth Set for Imperial Assault

"'Hoth.' They should call this place 'Coldth.'"
As winter works its way closer (one might even say, "it's coming"), Fantasy Flight gives us a look inside the upcoming Return to Hoth expansion set for Imperial Assault. In this particular preview, we get to the "Imperial" part of things, looking at the cards for Snowtroopers, Wampas, and more.

Like other characters/units for Imperial Assault, the figures in Return to Hoth come in both "regular" and "elite" versions, even the Wampas. I'm not entirely sure how you get an elite Wampa, but I'd be interested in seeing what the training process is like. The Dark Side can also look to machines to do the work for them in the form of the HK Assassin Droid.

But more than just minis and stat cards, there's also two new Imperial Agendas and Imperial Classes you can pick from. There's a whole lot coming in this new box set.