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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Assault Carrier Set For X-Wing Miniatures Game

The next big thing is making its way to the tabletops of X-Wing Miniatures Game players. The Rebels quickly got out of the gate with two epic-scale ships in the form of the Tantiv IV and the Medium Transport. The Imperials finally got on the board with the Raider-Class Star Destroyer. Now they're pulling even with the Imperial Assault Carrier. Though where the Rebel's Medium Transport only moved around people and some gear, the Imperial Assault Transport is bringing extra ships along with it to the battlefield... err... battlevacuum.


As you can see, you're getting more than just a big ship and a couple little ships. You're getting all manner of tokens, upgrades, and extras inside the box. The new TIE fighters come with four different pilots you can put in the seats. There's new secondary weapons as well, plus all sorts of modifications for the big and small ships.

It's only a couple weeks until the model's release and you'll be plowing through the skyways in your new ship.