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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Assault Carrier for X-Wing

At Gen Con, companies get to show off some awesome new things they've been working on. Fantasy Flight's display case is always full of gamers eager to catch a sneak-preview of the latest releases. I was able to get in a little early and get some photos of their case after they put out their new X-Wing ships they'll be coming out with soon. One of the ships in there was the Imperial Assault Carrier. Fantasy Flight has since posted up their preview page of what you can expect from this new large-sized ship.

Imperial Assault Carrier Contents

As you can see from the photo there, this box comes with quite a lot in it. You don't just get the Gozanti-class cruiser, but you also get two TIE Fighters in an alternate paint scheme from the others you might already have. Added to that is eleven ship cards, twenty-size upgrade cards, damage decks, tokens, dials, and other such necessary pieces. Even beyond that, there's four new missions in the box specifically using the ships inside. It's a great way to expand not only your collection, but your repertoire of scenarios you can play for the game.

This ship will be available the 4th quarter of this year (so in a couple months).