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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Imperial Assault Carrier For Star Wars Armada

TIE Fighters, as Obi-Wann reminded us, are short-range fighters. Only a couple models come with hyperdrives. So to get from system to system, or even quickly within the same system, they need to hitch a lift. One such craft they can join up with is the Imperial Assault Carrier. We've got them for X-Wing, and soon Armada players will be able to use them as well. And Fantasy Flight is giving us a look at how they'll work in the game with this preview.

As one would expect, the Assault Carriers aren't exactly offensive powerhouses in and of themselves. You won't be seeing enemy admirals trembling, fearing the devastating broadsides attack from one. However, they will have to watch out for all the little things that the Assault Carriers can do. What sort of things? Well, a lot with helping out squadrons. Fighter screens with an Assault Carrier around go from just being a couple points in your force to a bigger threat as they can activate more effectively. And with a couple of the upgrade cards available, your squadrons will be able to fly faster, reroll attacks, and generally mess up your opponent's day. But even if you don't have any squadrons on the field, the Assault Carriers can mess with the enemy. Upgrades again are the key, as they have several that can alter, reveal, or otherwise fiddle with commands. Considering how important they are in the game, that's a pretty major ability.