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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Heroes from Star Wars: Rebellion

Fantasy Flight is giving us some further looks inside Star Wars: Rebellion with a series of previews.
While Star Wars might involve the fates of untold numbers of sentient beings all throughout the galaxy, it's really a story about a handful of heroes, those they interact with closely, and the struggles between those relatively few actors on a much larger stage. This preview looks at some of those heroes and how they work within the framework of Rebellion.

While there are many ways to "play" Rebellion, in that there's more than one single set of tactics you can use to achieve victory, much of it still comes down to how you achieve the various missions you set out to accomplish, while keeping your opponent from succeeding in theirs. Your various leaders will allow you powerful bonuses in these endeavors. Certain ones might be able to fulfill the requirements for missions all on their own, or ruin an opponent's progression towards completing theirs. As such, proper deployment of your leaders will be a key to whether the galaxy falls under the iron-fisted rule of the Empire or sips the sweet air of freedom if the Rebellion is successful.