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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Heroes From Return To Hoth For Imperial Assault

Well, Fantasy Flight has given us a preview of the villains we will be getting in the upcoming Return to Hoth set for Imperial Assault. (and in retrospect, I'm sad that I didn't say, "Imperial troops have entered the base! Imperial troops have *tsssh*" in that article, but there we are, then) Well, it's no good having a bunch of bad guys running around if there's not some good guys to fight against them. So that's the preview we've got for you today.

You've got yourself a medical droid to keep your troops good and healthy out on the field. There's a Mon Calimarian so you can yell "it's a trap!" over and over again. And there's also Varena Talos, a Rebel Operative who is great for getting up close and personal with the enemy and taking them out of the fight.